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2 Rolls Genuine Parafilm® Grafting & Budding Tape 1/2" x 1080" (0.5 in x 90 ft)


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Just in time for grafting season; I've sourced a good supply of genuine Parafilm® grafting tape.  Made by the Original Parafilm® M Manufacturer.  This listing will get you 2 rolls of 1/2" x 1080" (0.5 in x 90 ft) grafting tape.  Perfect for all types of grafting and rooting at any skill level.  No retail box included.  Please see my other listings for wider 1" rolls.  Please Contact Me for quantity discounts.  Does not include free shipping to Canada.

Improve grafting and budding efforts and prevent cuttings from drying out.  Waterproof, flexible and stretchable, Parafilm® grafting tape combines excellent moisture retention with oxygen and carbon dioxide permeability to allow for superior growth.  The durable self-adhesive seal securely holds scion and rootstock together until union and/or budding takes place.  

  • Waterproof, flexible, and self-adhering.
  • Creates a breathable moisture barrier.
  • 200% + stretch.  A little goes a very long way.
  • Biodegradable in sunlight.

What size grafting tape should I buy?  This a good question.  There are two different widths of grafting tape available, 1/2" and 1".  You might find lots of technical answers for either size out there and they'll probably be correct.  But my novice answer will fit most everyone.  Buy the size that suits you best.  Here's what I found when it comes to grafting and wrapping cuttings;  For cuttings (which I do mostly), the 1/2" width Parafilm is best.  It's easier to handle and stretch around crooked cuttings and wonky pruning.  For cuttings that are perfectly straight the 1" Parafilm is better because you're able to wrap the cutting faster.  For joining grafts I find the 1" tape is better.  But there were times that a graft may have seemed a little hinky and I switched to the 1/2" width Parafilm for a finer touch and tighter wrap.  So the answer is to have at least a roll of each size on hand.  But if you can only buy one, get the 1/2" width.

Grafting is one of the most rewarding gardening and horticultural experiences.  The feeling of joy and pride derived from your first successful graft is indescribable.  And anyone can do it.  I really mean anyone.  Please don't think grafting is only for the professionals.  Pick up some grafting tape and give it a shot.  Don't worry, some grafts will fail and it happens to everyone.  You'll realize very quickly that your techniques will get better with every single graft.  Some more tips:

  • Get yourself a book about grafting.  My favorite is The Grafter's Handbook by R.J. Garner.  
  • Buy an inexpensive grafting knife.  Don't worry about brand or edge right now.  Inexpensive is the way to go at first.  Check out the FELCO Victorinox we currently have listed on figBid.  It's a great knife to begin with.
  • Take a look at some of these wonderful videos:

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