Guest Posting on BidNGrow

Thanks for reaching us. was created for the backyard gardener and allows anyone to list excess plant material, trees, and seeds. If you have the ability to write about horticultural topics or would like to share your expertise on gardening we’d love to hear from you and share your knowledge with our users. We’re looking for growers with good writing skills who’d like to write articles on topics such as:

  • Growing Fruits and Vegetables
  • Flower Gardening
  • Indoor Gardening
  • Tips for the Backyard Orchard
  • DIY Garden Projects
  • Choosing the Right Plants
  • Grafting & Rooting
  • Advanced or Unique Horticultural Techniques
  • Other Interesting Gardening, Growing, or Harvesting Topics

BidNGrow looks forward to reading your great content. To submit a guest post for publication on our site please follow the detailed guidelines below.  

  • BidNGrow will accept articles written about horticultural related topics and submitting authors should have proper knowledge and/or expertise about the subject matter.  
  • BidNGrow appreciates authors of extraordinary articles and may contact you about writing more frequently.
  • Your submitted article must be original, unique, and must NOT have been published in any other type of media.
  • BidNGrow manually reviews all article submissions. If an article is found to be spun or twisted it will not be accepted.
  • The article length should be at least 1200 words. Please feel free to add your original and copyright free pictures, videos, info-graphics or table.
  • 1-2 relevant follow links are allowed at the discretion of BidNGrow.  
  • Your article should be properly formatted, engaging and capture a readers’ attention. 
  • Once accepted, it may take up to 7 days to publish your article.
  • Please tell your friend and family about your published work. 
  • BidNGrow appreciates posts on social media, blogs, public forums, and newsletters to your email subscribers.
  • After your article is published, all content becomes the property of
  • reserves the right to accept or reject any article for any reason.


Please Contact Us with Guest Post Request at the beginning of the message and provide a brief synopsis of your content and we'll reply with request for the full article.